Release! First Edition Heroes

Corruption brought ruin to our world, our families became slaves...

And for too long, their call just wandered, unanswered...

Until the day we answered! Hope can be reborn!

We are here! This is our reunion! This is our League!

And today.. we retake our WORLD!

By holding a hero you can: earn $POWER token daily, participate in NFT claims, giveaways, be part of DAO responsible for first ever community-driven comics storyboard and much more!

Brought to Life by Disney and Marvel Artist Ronaldo Barata

February 11th, 2022 - 8 PM UTC
Early-Bird-Sale: SOLD OUT

March 11th, 2022 - 8 PM UTC
Public Mint Price: 0.04 ETH

Join our DISCORD to be part of the GHL FAM and enjoy!


Each First Edition Heroes produces 10 $POWER tokens every day for the next 10 years.


You can use $POWER to name your hero, write his history or stake to earn more $POWER, vote on the GHL future and a few more surprises…


Holding 2 First Edition Heroes and using 800 $POWER, you can SUMMON an ETHEREAL – A stunning collection of 1111 hand-drawn ethereal cosmic beings with a 10% chance of being a LEGENDARY ETHEREAL that produces 100 $POWER daily and grants 10 times more raffle chances.



The first ever community-driven comics storyboard, where holders vote and decide the fate of the Generic Heroes Metaverse, within the comics and soon-to-be metaverse game. All comics will be hand-drawn and launched as NFTs with tons of utility as well.

Launching holder's NFT Projects and partnering with other artists, influencers and creators, securing seats at the hottests NFT launches to our community.

Holding a GHL allows you to participate in coordinating the Heroes Vault. This Vault will receive 20% of all royalties from present and future initiatives, so holders can vote for how to use the funds.


In both stages price are the same at 0.06 ETH + gas but in Early-Bird-Sale you mint 1 hero and take the second for free, so you are going to spend 0.03 ETH per hero!


All proceeds from the MINT will be dedicated to team pay, development, marketing, investments in assets and projects that bring value to our community and to start the Heroes Vault, our community treasury bank.

5% of each sale.

First Edition Generic Heroes are amazing and unique hand-drawn pieces of arts and will play an important role in the Generic Heroes League Metaverse.

First Edition Heroes holders earn daily $POWER tokens, can participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, vote on the first ever community-driven comics storyboard and vote on how to invest the funds from the Heroes Vault, the community bank.

As soon as you mint the First Edition Generic Hero, it will generates 10 $POWER tokens just for being in the holders' wallets. Holders will be able to claim $POWER daily for the next 10 years. $POWER token is the energy that powers the world of Generic Heroes League and is used to (1) Name your GH, (2) Write your GH's history, (3) Summon an Ethereal (Breed), (4) Game Store*, (5) IRL Merch* and (6) DAO Governance*.

*All decisions will be put to vote for the community to decide. We will do everything in our power to promote token economic incentives, including incentives to burn tokens through activities that generate value to holders and promote token value at fair price on the open market.

You need to hold at least 2 First Edition Generic Heroes and use 800 $POWER + gas fee.

Ethereals are amazing and unique hand-drawn pieces of arts and will play an important role in the Generic Heroes League Metaverse.

10% of all Ethereals will be of legendaries with the ability to generate 100 $POWER tokens daily for the next 10 years. Legendaries Ethereals are the only Ethereals that generate $POWER.

Our team

Luiz Poggetto | Ystral

Founder of GHL, product manager, financial market executive (in the free time), NFTs and comics lover, hardcore gamer and DeFi degen!

Ricardo Lima | RDL

With a background in Finance, M&A and venture capital, RDL brings a unique and innovative financial expertise to the cryptocurrency world.

Ronaldo Barata

Ronaldo Barata has been a comic book artist and illustrator for over 20 years and has worked for the main publishers in Brazil, for the North American publishers Marvel and DC Comics and for companies in several countries such as the USA, China, France, Denmark, Hungary and others. Learn more about his work on Instagram: @virtual_barata


Front-end Developer.


Art direction consultant for interface development for mutli-devices projects, graphic projects for web/multimedia and print media. Twitter: @touchbrowns